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This course is a must for any actor who wants to learn the vital skills for Corporate role play in order to drastically increase their earning potential when they are not acting. Syrus is amazing at what he does. His years of experience shine through and he made it so enjoyable. Because of his course I wrote to various companies and got booked on my first job within two weeks! Very happy.

Lee Knight

This great corporate role-play masterclass was really beneficial for me as an actor. Syrus provides the knowledge and skills to use in all manner of role-play work and makes you feel confident to apply them in the future. I found the day really interesting and I felt really comfortable and welcome in the room. I left eager to pursue role-play jobs that as an actor, will not only benefit me financially but also keep the acting gears well oiled. I heartily recommend.

Siobhan McKiernan

Not only was the course useful, informative and helpful, but it was also a lot of fun. Syrus captured what it would be like on an actual role play session and gave great examples and situations that we would actually face. Definitely recommended!

Jordan Conway 

I would thoroughly recommend this Masterclass. It gave me training in areas vital to the corporate acting world, leaving me better equipped to approach corporate acting companies. It was also a fun and relaxed day. Syrus was a very good communicator; engaging & professional, delivering information clearly and concisely. I left feeling more confident, with a clear plan for who to approach and a valuable list of companies. Syrus has continued to provide advice since I completed the course. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this Masterclass to anyone considering work in the corporate acting world.

Emily Heyworth

Syrus' Corporate Roleplay Masterclass is a perfect course to give you all the tools you need to steam ahead in the corporate roleplay world. He separates the day into sections including; the different forms of roleplay, scene work, writing off to agencies & even tips of the trade. Syrus has years of roleplay experience, which makes him not only incredibly knowledgeable but very generous in his notes & individual direction. I really came away feeling like I had worked, learned & developed as a roleplay performer. His generosity even extends to giving you an in-depth list of roleplay agencies, which helps when researching & sending your CV etc out.
If you're lucky enough to get a space on Syrus' course you will, without doubt, have the tools, knowledge, confidence & contacts to thrust you into what is a very lucrative & exciting industry.

Milanka Brooks

A brilliant course that opened my eyes to the tremendous opportunity for all involved. Syrus is clearly passionate about what he teaches. Worth every second of your time. Do it now.

Kal Weber

I graduated from drama school last summer and since then have been trying to find flexible work that fits around my auditions and acting jobs. I'd heard that corporate role-play was a great way of using the skills I'd learnt at drama school to earn money. So, I decided to investigate more. What I found (and heard) was that a lot of corporate role-play companies were very difficult to get on the books of; a lot of them already have hundreds of employees and aren't looking for more. Fortunately, I met Syrus. He told me about his years of experience within the industry and the opportunities his course could provide. I signed up and I’m so pleased I did.

Syrus’ master class is exactly what you would hope it to be. He gives you extensive information about how the industry works, what it expects from you, every type of role-play involved, the different types of role-play companies, how to approach them, how to manage life as a role-player and gives you an opportunity to practice different bespoke role plays with an experienced role-player. When you leave, you get given a list of all the legitimate role play companies and means of making that all important first contact. It feels too good to be true.

Syrus’ experience is evident in every aspect of the training. He is friendly, welcoming, intelligent and thorough and makes everyone (regardless of experience) feel completely comfortable in the room. Being in such safe hands means that everyone really does get the best out of the day.

I would recommend this master class to literally everybody. There is such an abundance of information that I would definitely suggest taking a pen and paper, every sentence is solid gold!


Lily Knight

The Corporate Roleplay Masterclass was a thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring day. As a complete newbie I had no experience of how the industry worked but came away with the tools and information needed and I now feel confident enough to approach companies with a in-depth knowledge of all sectors of Corporate Roleplay work. I would strongly recommend it for any actor wanting to develop their skills. Thank-You Syrus!

Elliot Hadley

Syrus' Roleplay Masterclass was invaluable to me. I went in with very little knowledge and no experience at all, and I left feeling confident to face the world of Corporate Role-play. Syrus has such a huge wealth of experience in this field and his Masterclass wraps it all up in a format that is easy to absorb. I would highly recommend it to any Actor looking to add another string to their bow.

Charlie Clemmow

The role play master class really helped to unlock the mystery surrounding what exactly role play is and how companies use it. The workshop was led by Syrus who is a superb communicator  and who made us all feel welcome and supported throughly the day, with discussion, examples of role play in action and feedback. He gave us worksheets to support the learning and explained everything we need to know about how to go and get work in companies and provided a comprehensive and useful training for any actor who wants to launch into this kind of work. Very much recommended!

Joanne Emery

Syrus’ masterclass was engaging and extremely interesting, he went into great depth about how to become a better role play actor and how to gain the work. he gave real world examples and scenarios for us to practice with and had a wealth of knowledge on the subject. I would certainly recommend this to other actor friends looking to get work in this sector. I feel confident in the knowledge if I was called for a role play job tomorrow I would feel comfortable doing it to a high standard. Syrus has been in the business for over 10 years so certainly knows his stuff and is an excellent teacher!

Aly Cruickshank

Syrus' role play masterclass was just that - a master class. His patience, enthusiasm and dedication was really inspirational and offered for myself and my peers and inroad into this increasingly competitive side of the industry. Not only that, but the holistic nature of this masterclass - introducing us to the workings of this side of the industry, along with the true to life scenes that we might be faced with, and allowing us the time and opportunity to give feedback - one of the most vital aspects of this training - meant that after this I truly feel I could step into the world of Corporate Role play and not feel so out of my depth. Most importantly however, it was really good fun - and that's all down to Syrus and his way of teaching. For any actor wanting to do work in this area, this is an absolute must!

Harry Drummond

3rd Year BA Acting (MT)

Central School of Speech & Drama

Syrus' workshop on Role Play in the Corporate world was very engaging and interesting.  I can see how our acting experience can be used in the Corporate world of training employees.  Syrus has been involved for many years and has worked his way up to facilitator; using his wealth of experience and skills to provide the correct pathway into this world and has a generous manner to help any others take a step onto this ladder.  Highly recommended and as an aside to acting; it works very well. 

Gill Broderick

I came across Syrus’ masterclass as I approached a role play company and they suggested I take his class first as I had no experience. 

This course bridges the gap. He arms you with the knowledge and the tools and I now feel as though I can walk into any role play situation confident and informed.

His class was fun and engaging and he as a teacher is a great communicator, very patient and dedicated. I would highly recommend this course for 

anyone looking to get into the world of role play.

Lauren Harris

This Masterclass is vital for any actor that needs to bridge the gap between working or training in the acting industry and becoming a professional Roleplay actor. Syrus expertly teaches the skills and techniques that are missing from your tool kit to be able to approach different types of Roleplay with confidence and consistency. The class guides you through what to expect from various types of Roleplay scenarios and how to give constructive feedback that can cater for all situations. Syrus uses an interactive learning style, which is extremely enjoyable and supportive. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the chance to take this Masterclass. I know I can pursue this career without any hesitation.

Marika De Silva

I’ve paid for quite a few courses over the last few years – only to be disappointed by the lack of education provided and the overwhelming feeling that I’d been robbed.  HOWEVER – I came away from this Masterclass feeling inspired and empowered and have just finished updating my CV to send to all the role-play companies on the list provided!

Syrus is a natural teacher and succeeded in making us all feel involved and included – which is no mean feat!

Sally Bosman

This was a fantastic masterclass, Syrus was incredibly friendly and immediately put the class at ease providing us with a fun and informative day! His wealth of knowledge and expertise in the world of corporate role-play have made me feel confident enough to start writing to different role play companies. I would not hesitate to recommend this masterclass to all actors, I learnt so much in one day- Thanks Syrus! 

Krystina Westall

An incredibly useful and enjoyable experience and I couldn't recommend it more. I came to the masterclass as a complete novice and wasn't sure what to expect, but left feeling confident to start working in role play. Covering a variety of types of role play and learning how to give feedback provided me with a solid base to build on in future role play opportunities. Syrus led the workshop with such humour and enthusiasm which made the day fly by, and it's a fantastic chance to learn new skills or brush up on old ones.

Elise Van Lil

Syrus' workshop was brilliant. Before I felt nervous about putting myself forward for this kind of work as I didn't know what to expect, but now I feel confident to use my new skillset. His extensive experience of role play and enthusiasm really helped me to get the most from the day. I highly recommend any actor to take this course in order to open up the door to role play work and equip them with much needed advice and training.

Christina Clunies-Ross

I learnt and enjoyed the course yesterday, it was invaluable training that I will take on board.

I now feel confident  writing a cover letter to these Corporate companies.

Also I didn't reliese how many different types of role play they were this was real learning curve.

Julia Stokes

I was fortunate enough to secure a place on this awesome Masterclass, brilliantly constructed by Roleplay expert, Syrus Lowe.   I was so glad I decided to travel up from Dorset to participate in this exciting day, which was so worthwhile to do.

Syrus is an excellent teacher and offered a real insight into the world of Roleplay.  I thoroughly enjoyed the day, meeting the other participants and found it incredibly useful, constructive, informative and enjoyable.  I came away with a very much clearer idea about how Roleplay works, a list of very useful contacts and a much better understanding of how to go about approaching the Companies.  I found it all so helpful and would highly recommend anyone thinking about entering the world of Roleplay to DO THIS COURSE!!  Thank you Syrus, for such a valuable and relevant training.  

Julia Stringer

I attended Syrus' Masterclass in January and I loved it. Highly enjoyable and informative day. It provides a great introduction to the world of Corporate Role Play, explaining jargon and providing opportunity to practice both performance and the delivering of that all important feedback. Excellent stuff!

Jane Faulkner

Before I attended Syrus' Masterclass I thought I knew exactly what the world of Role Play is, and I was convinced it was as simple as writing to the agencies and hope for the best. Little did I know, my knowledge and perception of the industry was off by a mile! Syrus' Masterclass not only thoroughly taught me everything I need to know about getting into the Role Play industry, but it also provided me with the opportunity to practice various different Role Play scenarios and watch other participants practice theirs, which gave me the opportunity to also learn by observing. If you are thinking of giving Role Play a go and don't know where to start from, book yourself a place on Syrus Lowe's Masterclass.You will be amazed at his brilliance and wealth of knowledge!

Elly Bran

Really enjoyed Syrus' Masterclass. Was always intrigued about how to access the world of Corporate Role play. 

Syrus breaks it down with detail yet an easy to follow way, explaining the practicalities as well as detail, intricacies another skills needed to make it in Corporate Role play. 

Syrus was very warm and friendly. He is also very informative and provides practical examples and work to guide you. Highly Recommended. Thanks Syrus.

Tebraiz Shahzad

Thank you for a brilliant role play Masterclass. I recommend it to anyone interested in working as a role player in the corporate industry. I feel my feedback skills have developed since attending the master class. Syrus is generous with his knowledge and experience of all areas of corporate role play

Christina Dembenzi

Syrus's Roleplay masterclass. Was just that a "master" class. He's been working in that industry for 15 years and he certainly knows his stuff. But even better than that he can present his knowledge in an engaging and co-operative way. His teaching style is very inclusive and you come away with the confidence to know that when you get in the room you will know your stuff. You also come away with a very handy handout just incase to look over before you take the plunge. I would throughly recommend to anyone, whatever stage your at in corporate acting. If you haven't thought about corporate acting before this workshop will most likely change your mind. You'll learn, you'll laugh and most importantly come away with the knowledge and skills to be able to work in the world of corporate role play.

David Wentworth

Syrus came in for his one day workshop, and I feel I gained so much knowledge that would fill a week’s worth of learning. He covered the basics for people like me to get into the swing of it, whilst also challenging us, so that we could create better work. Syrus is a lovely person who has such great knowledge of the industry and what it needs. We were very lucky to be taught by Syrus and I can’t wait to see him in the industry because he’s made me so excited to stretch my role play muscles. If you have any worries or any holes in your knowledge, Syrus is the one to call!

Alex Thompson

BA Acting 3rd Year

Rose Bruford College

As actors we do hear about Corporate Roleplay and how well it goes with our stage and screen roles. While applying for Corporate Roleplay companies, I used to hear from them that I needed more experience before they took me in. This Masterclass has made me realise why - Syrus is instrumental in exemplifying the different types of work we can do in such scenarios. He has helped me identify the most important skills and experiences from my life, for this specific world. The knowledge he shares is gold! Totally recommend it, specially if you are into improvisation, character backstory and having tons of fun helping other people who really need your skillset.

Sara Figueirdeo

If you are wondering what role-play entails, if you are an actor looking for a way to use your skills outside film and theatre or if you are considering an alternative career that offers great flexibility then book on to this course now! The wonderful Syrus will take you through the different forms of role-play and feedback in a really enlightening and fun way. The small class size allows for plenty of opportunities for practical work within a totally supportive environment. I can honestly say that by the end of the day - which flew by - I felt confident to approach role play companies, secure in the knowledge that I understand what they require, and have what they want. Thank you Syrus!

Eire O'Halloran

For anybody thinking about venturing in to the world of Corporate Role-play, this course is an absolute must  - no matter your experience level, or any anxiety you may have towards this arena, Syrus has a wealth of experience and knowledge and a straight forward, engaging and accessible way of communicating it.  The small class size means you get some really focussed attention and you leave the workshop with a real sense of being prepared for what to expect on your first job - and how not to look like a newbie when you get it - as well as tips, tricks and techniques to hone skills you already possess. Thanks Syrus - priceless.

Mark Middleton

Given my experience in immersive theatre, I have always wanted to know about corporate role play. Through a carefully designed and expertly delivered workshop, Syrus introduced me to the variety of ways in which corporate role play is used (training or assessment) and the various forms it takes (scripted forum theatre, improvisation around a brief and bespoke/realplay). My participation in a mock forum theatre role play gave me invaluable insights into what is required of an actor in this field. Ultimately, corporate role play is based on 'experiential learning' ('learning through reflection on doing') and that is exactly what Syrus' workshop does, providing the opportunity to both observe and participate in examples of corporate role play drawn from Syrus' twelve years of experience. I thoroughly recommend this workshop to all actors.

Nigel Fyfe

Syrus' enthusiasm, professionalism and expertise made the day an absolute joy. A lot was packed in and I feel much more confident approaching role play companies. He takes the time to guide you through, and the practical experience he provides is top notch. Highly recommended.

Tom Lynam

It is a Masterclass and Syrus is the master at teaching this! You really "get" what corporate role play IS. By the end of the day -- one day! -- I knew that I could walk into a job and be able to do it. Excellent course.

Terianne Falcone

This masterclass is invaluable to anyone serious about role play. Syrus has a warm, humorous approach to training while covering all the various styles in role play. You'll leave the day with a solid understanding of this work. This along with practical guidance on how to approach role play companies leaves you feeling confident and motivated to pursue this career.

Maura Duffy

I would highly recommend Syrus's Corporate Roleplay Masterclass. Syrus has a wealth of experience in knowledge as an actor in this field, to help put other actors at ease, who are new in this field of work. The different types of corporate roleplay types are also covered and understood throughout the day. There is also a great deal of engaging with other learners in the group, and learning from their experiences too. Didn't feel overwhelmed, but gently eased in to a level comfortable to me, as the roles I practiced were suited to my acting and experience levels. A very useful and invaluable course.

Naheen Ali

I had been wanting to dig into-to corporate role play for a long time and this masterclass was exactly what I needed! I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the subject. Syrus is a master in this field and talks you through not only the different types of role play and the skills needed but also the practicalities of the industry. And you get to rehearse, both the role-playing and giving feedback. Thank you Syrus, it was an excellent class!

Anna Sairo

This workshop was fantastic. Brilliantly lead by Syrus, he takes you through corporate world of Role Play; How it works and what it is, in a easy, clear and fun way. The Workshop left me with confidence that I could enter the uncharted world of Role Play by utilising the skills I have as an actor, to open up new revenues within our industry. I'd highly recommend this workshop. In fact I've never come across a Role Play workshop before so if you want to know more about it or demystify what it is and how to get into it, this is the workshop for you. Money well spent.

Peter McPherson

The masterclass with Syrus was a dream. It helped dispel all the rumours that entrance to the roleplaying industry is unobtainable. Using his expertise and history in the business, Syrus taught us not only how to approach companies in fine detail but also by taking part in and observing actual role-playing scenario’s, it helped me develop the numerous skills needed and made me feel hugely confident about going into the profession. It was a really fun and valuable day. I actually can’t believe I learnt so much in such a short space of time. Highly recommended.

Beruce Khan

Syrus put everyone at ease and led us through a fun and information packed day. I now feel more clued up about what goes into corporate role play! 

Davina Leonard

Thank you again for your super course. I thought the way in which you used each of us in the various role play scenarios ingenious and highly instructive, and the practical advice you gave on how to get work, the first gig, how to manage the job, etc extremely useful.

Philip Bubb

Thank you so much for the brilliant day we had yesterday! I came away with a wealth of information and now feel very confident about applying to role play companies! You made the day both fun and interesting! I can't wait to get started and I will be sending off my c.v.s soon! The contact list is a real bonus too!

Linda Meacher

The word Masterclass is often used but doesn't always live up to it's title. However, in the case of Syrus's masterclass it does exactly what it says on the tin. Sharing his wealth of experience in the corporate role play world Syrus takes you through the various types of role play giving you hands on experience with it, and also valuable lessons in how to give feedback after the role play. I would recommend this course to anyone thinking of trying to get into the role play market.The list of companies which Syrus also supplies after the workshop is very comprehensive and many of them have even stated that they would be interested in hearing from people who have done the masterclass.

Steve Fortune

Our workshop was my first proper experience of Roleplay. Going in I know some basics of what it is used for in the industry, but after the workshop I feel I have a much stronger understanding of what it is, and what I need to do. In a short time we managed to cover a wide range of styles and scenarios that may come up in our careers. At this point in my training its great to have that extra understanding of an aria that is a large industry that allows me to keep acting between jobs. The workshop was clear and uncomplicated. I must say I feel ready that if I walked into a job for a Roleplay company I feel I have a good basis to stand on and set me up to do a good job. Tailored perfectly for a drama school setting, we we're give great information about both Roleplay and what to expect in the corporate world.

Owen Landon

BA Acting 3rd year

East15 Acting School

Syrus' masterclass session for corporate role play was highly invaluable and informative. The structure of the workshop covers all bases, from explaining the essence of role play, the different types of role play jobs and the intricacies involved in order to do the job to a high standard. The session starts with a detailed discussion about the role play industry and then goes in to the nuts and bolts of how to do the job.

We each had the opportunity to practice a mock role play scenario (which were sent in advance of the workshop) allowing us to put our skills in to action and incorporate the points Syrus had discussed. We were then given the chance to offer feedback to the candidate, this was extremely helpful and at the crux of role play work. Observing other attendees during their scenes meant that we could learn from one another and from Syrus’s individual feedback.

The workshop opened my eyes to the world of role play and I realised it is a great opportunity to continuing flexing the acting muscles when out of work.

Syrus creates a fun and warm environment, he is clear, personable and engaging - a must if you are keen to learn about or get in to role play.

Aimee Cassettari

BA Acting 3rd Year

Royal College of Welsh Music and Drama

What a perfect time to have a Masterclass in Corporate Role play. When the daunting prospect of leaving drama school is looming having the opportunity to learn a new skill set that could get you part time work whilst waiting for those auditions. Syrus Lowe's class is insightful and informative and sets you up for approaching Role play companies that allow you the opportunity to still perform and do what you love in between jobs. I feel more at ease leaving drama school having insight into this area of work which would not have crossed my mind had I not had a brilliant workshop with Syrus! Thank you!

Jessica Hunt

BA Acting 3rd Year

Birmingham School of Acting

I truly loved this class with Syrus. You want to trust his knowledge of the field of role-play through his presence alone. He at once makes you feel at ease and keeps your attention while hitting all the important factors you will need to take in to give you a better chance of getting booked for a job. You sense his experience through his reading of the room and effective teaching skills, so that he doesn’t only teach through his sharing of insider knowledge but also through his example as well. I am really happy I took this class as I now feel a lot more confident in my approach to the world of corporate role-play. Pierre Hawley

I never even knew what Corporate Role Play was until I went to Syrus' Masterclass. He explained everything in a clear and engaging way. He gave us his inside knowledge of how to get into the Corporate Role Play business as well as giving us the tools needed to keep on working in that world. It was incredibly fun and liberating to know that we can not only use our art to help people when we're on stage or in a traditional environment, but we can go to them and help them in their work places. A whole new world has now opened up to me where I can use the skills I've learnt from drama school, as well as the ones I've acquired from this Masterclass. Syrus has mastered this world and I am truly thankful to have been able to be educated by him. Many thanks Syrus!

Cash Holland

3rd Year BA Acting Arts Ed

The masterclass was brilliant, I learnt so much more than I ever thought I would. Syrus was encouraging, knowledgeable, entertaining and very patient. A Saturday very well spent. A must for anyone wanting to get into corporate acting. Thank you Syrus.

Daisy-May Parsons

Absolutely brilliant Masterclass! Syrus really knows his stuff and I left the class feeling informed, confident and inspired. As the class itself is kept small in numbers every participant has the space to ask questions and practise their new skills. The only Masterclass I've seen of its kind and what an absolute bargain of a day. I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to work in corporate role play acting.

Abra Thompson

I attended a Corporate Role Play Masterclass for Actors that has been designed and is presented by Syrus Lowe who really knows his stuff.  We were given the nuts and bolts of what is expected of us when working in this environment then went onto do some role play scenarios.  There was not even one instance when I was not totally engaged by Syrus's presentation.  The day flew by.  The next day we were sent a list of companies to approach and we had already been given a brief of which of our skills would enhance our application.  He was honest in his appraisal of how much work he thought we would secure as newbies to the industry.  I now feel I have the know how at my disposal to try and find this work and more importantly know what to expect when I do.  Thank you Syrus, I cannot recommend this workshop highly enough. 

Julia Lacey

Syrus's Role-play masterclass was fantastic, it was extremely insightful into the world of corporate role-play and how to navigate a career in the industry. The day is packed full of information where Syrus gave us access to his wealth of knowledge and experience. The latter half of the session gives you an opportunity to put what you have learned into practice and receive feedback, which was invaluable. I now feel much more confident and equip to go branch into the field. A day well spent and excellent value for money! 

Sarah Collins 

I learned a great deal from this masterclass. It was so much fun and I would advise it to anyone who would like to do Roleplaying. You must go!

Jonathan Brandt

I knew so little about how role play worked, but a one day class with Syrus and I feel immensely better equipped to pursue employment in the industry. Syrus is open with his expertise and experience, sharing techniques and anecdotes that give a thorough grounding in role-play and self-presentation. He tailors his advice to your own skills and shows you how the transferable skills of an actor can prove invaluable in every industry. I can't wait to put what I've learnt from him to use

Tomas Barry

Syrus is not only a lovely guy to work with, but he has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to corporate role play. If you’re considering this type of work, then this workshop will give you all the information you need to feel confident about approaching this particular industry. Through theory and practical work, the day will outline all possible avenues that a roleplay actor could explore and he talks in detail about not only the acting side of things but the kind feedback you need to give and level of professionalism that is expected from you during the job. A thoroughly enjoyable day, totally affordable, would definitely recommend!’

Carlie Milner

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